The Beginning

Today, I graduate.

Today, my year of doing odd-jobs pays off.

Today, all that babysitting, dogwatching, and photoshoots were worth it.

Today, I ordered my own DSLR: a Canon EOS 60D.

Up to this point, I’ve been borrowing a Canon EOS Rebel XT from my school’s yearbook stash (many thanks to my incredible yearbook advisor for allowing this). This camera has been a great tool for practice and allowing me to begin my business and start forming some credibility for myself, but I knew if I was going to form a serious photography business, I needed a serious camera of my own. So I began researching. I checked out Canon and Nikon very closely, and had actually decided on Nikon for a while before I came across the 60D and fell in love. I looked at weight, video options, ISO, auto-focusing speeds, customer reviews, menu navigation, cost, user-friendliness, and finally decided that this was the camera for me.

I’m so excited first of all for the upgrade in quality that I’m going to be seeing in my photos, and I’m also excited for the independence that this purchase brings. I can now rely on my own equipment to get me through shoots.

I hope that this takes me from enthusiastic student and hopeful to a legitimate photographer. I’ve gone through such a transition just in the past month; from just a facebook page and football fans to a website and all of my weekends booked with photoshoots through October with three or four more waiting after that! I hope this camera can mark the end of that first phase and just allow me to grow.

So let’s see where this next year takes me!

Psalm 92:1
Katy Folk