Gamble Session

This session is of my own family. These two little guys below are Tyson and Tatum, my two- and four-year-old cousins! When they came down to visit over the holidays, I had the opportunity to go out and photograph the family.


Oh, the brotherly love!



This is Tatum. He’s only two years old, and he can melt your heart with just one look! What a cutie!



Tyson is a sweetheart, too! He just loves to laugh and smile and love life!





 Oh yes, and my crazy, fun-loving Uncle Bill. (He’s pretty awesome!)

Sazama Session

On this day I got the opportunity to take pictures for the Sazama family out in Denver, NC.

Reese just wouldn’t put down her books! She’s such a cute little reader.

Many thanks to the Sazama family for allowing me to record this wonderful time in Reese’s life.

MCHS v. Mooresville

I love covering football games. They’re just so exciting to watch! And when you’re there on a good night, the energy of the crowd is just so infectious!

This past Friday I attended Mallard Creek’s football game against Mooresville; these are a few of the highlights of the evening:


The school spirit shown by the fans during this “Neon Night” was incredible! Everybody showed up in bright green, orange, blue, and yellow to turn the place into a great student section.


I was the “!” for this lovely group of senior fans.

Congratulations to the Mavericks on yet another win!